Fog in the forest. Spring.

Fog in the forest. Spring.

Old, old door. She will probably remember the nineteenth century ...

The old, old door.
Morning start

Morning in the city. Fog. The road merges with fog. But the townspeople are in a hurry on business.

City. Fog.

The city sleeps, covered with a veil of fog. But the morning is already in a hurry

The young, almost emerald-colored leaves stretch towards the sun. April. Spring.

Ray of the sun
Winter evening on the Amur

The middle of winter. A frozen river. The solar halo. Somewhere in the distance, a haze. A mystical picture.

Cloud towers.

Sunset glow. October. Lonely street lamp

Oriental cherry

Sakura. A riot of pink. Blunt. City center.

Three friends

After washing.

Hydrangea flowers are like porcelain, delicate and graceful, intricately iridescent shades.

Chinese porcelain
Old Alley

In the background is an old manor house. Leo Tolstoy strolled between these birches.

The Autumn of Kant

Old, old town. Remembering kings and princes Both sadness and joy. Immanuel Kant once walked along these streets. And now he rests in the old temple. Kaliningrad. Koenigsberg.

Porcelain lilac flowers

Porcelain lilac flowers, like miniature tea cups, glow in the rays of the sun


Sun, October, sky. Larch needles blurred with a mixture of blue and yellow.

Cherry blossom

Even in the center of a huge metropolis, nature takes its toll. The cherry blossomed. Spring, sun, blue sky.

Diamond Drops

The rain has passed. Fresh drops shine with a diamond sheen on the velvet of fresh foliage.