An ancient obelisk
Sunny meadow
Crystal Summer
Portrait of the church
Старый храм
Watercolor of autumn
Shades of green
The monastery. Vision.
Light and shadow
October. Sunny.
Monastery courtyard
Spring Steppe

A short time between winter and summer. The steppe is still green, but the lonely stones have already warmed their sides. Silence and the whistling of the wind. The vast expanse.


A very long time ago. Once there was life in all its manifestations. Now the ruins and the aura of memories. The remains of the fortress wall look sadly at the retreating sea. Chersonesos.

At sunset

The solar boat of the Egyptians has almost gone over the horizon. It's going to be night soon. In the meantime, on the canvas of the sky, you can still notice the lightest watercolor strokes of blue and pink...

Mountain rhododendron

A mountain rhododendron bloomed high in the mountains. Who saw - can consider that he was lucky.

Wall of Mountains

Caucasus mountains


Oil painting of nature. Dull. The stripes on the petals are elegant, like on Chinese porcelain.

The storm on the Baltic Sea has subsided. The waves brought fragments of old trees to the shore.

After the storm
The Old Monastery

An ancient city. A scattering of Orthodox churches, monasteries. The measured life of the Russian province. Autumn. The sun.

Crystal Flowers

Daisies in the sunlight seem to be created from transparent colored glass.

Steep mountain slopes. Cloudy day. Rain, fine and drizzling. But the grass and foliage are emerald and elegant.

The Gorge
Baltic. December.

Sea, sky, shore, rocks. Spaciousness and piercing wind.

White flowers

Window. Evening. A lantern and a soundless endless snowfall. And last year's photos show spring and a riot of color.

Desert Waves

Layers of rocks smoothly and slowly rising and falling, resemble waves.


On a sunny autumn day, a city dweller with a bicycle looks thoughtfully at the lake and the girls on the other side. Peace and quiet.


The summer evening sun plays with reflections on the walls of the Armenian church, reflecting in the glass of the lantern

Desert landscape

Infinite space. You are alone in the universe.


Just lilac. City garden. Spring, color, blue sky.


A sunny day in October. Sun, clouds, wind.

Mountain pass

Probably, mountain trolls walk this way at night.

Rainy day in the taiga

There have been people here for a long time. A wood mushroom has grown on the woodpile. Backwoods.

Light and shadow

White Orchid

A couple of tulips

Strange, shaggy tulips on a sunny day.

Old bridge

Fog over the Pregel River. Once it was Konigsberg.

Summer in the city

Moscow is bathed in sunny summer rays

Lead River

The Amur River. The end of winter. The sun, the wind, the expanse, the clouds create a fantastic leaden color of ice.

Evening Fjord

Oslo Opera House at the end of a summer day. The noisy day is dying down. A lonely yacht hurries to the pier.

Evening in the desert

Evening in the desert. A lonely tree on the background of a rocky ridge. It must have been possible to observe this picture for thousands of years.